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We have lovely neighbours.  Here they are, enjoying an evening snack.

Next-door neighbours

The day before yesterday, we noticed one of these lovely ladies poking her head over the dry stone wall that borders our property, trying to eat the mint plants from last year’s vegetable garden.

Then, when I was making dinner yesterday evening,  I happened to glance out the kitchen window, and I did a double take!  Part of the wall had collapsed, with a great heap of stones crushing all the plants in the flower bed.

Wall collapsed

My husband called our “real” neighbour, the farmer who owns the cows, and he came right over.  He and my husband rebuilt the wall in less than half an hour, and now it looks as good as new.   I think these dry stone walls are so attractive.  There must surely be a quilt pattern (more…)

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…for washing quilts and drying them on the clothesline.  It’s so nice to finally see the sun in our corner of Yorkshire.   🙂

quilts on clothesline

Happy Sewing!

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Quilting people can do anything.  We really can.  Measure, measure, measure….cut, cut, cut…change the shape and put it all together again.

Today we had new flooring installed in our kitchen, following a plumbing disaster which ruined the old floor.   We have a closet in our kitchen which I call the “pantry” and my husband calls the “larder.”   We forgot to order enough flooring to include the pantry, so the fitter said he would try if he had a large enough piece left over.  Well, he didn’t.

After he left, I went to tidy up the scraps and rubbish, and I found a large (more…)

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Today in the United Kingdom,  it is Mother’s Day.  Traditionally known as “Mothering Sunday,” it always falls on the fourth Sunday in Lent, and the date and month can vary from year to year.

It is believed to have originated in the 16th Century, when people would visit their “mother church” on that particular Sunday and would then say that they had gone “a-mothering.”  Later,  it became the one day a year when domestic servants were given the day off from work to go home and visit their mothers.  They would gather wildflowers along the way to (more…)

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My new friend Jessie at the Threads of Life blog has tagged me in the “5 THINGS GAME”.  Gosh, you really scared me at first — I misread one of your headings, and I thought it said “55 Things on Today’s To-Do List.”  Whew!  I had to really think about some of these answers — sometimes I have a memory like a sieve!  But, in the interest of fair play and for the love of a game, here goes: (more…)

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