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Here are 12 of my favourite Block of the Month sites.   Several of the patterns are PDF files and require Adobe Acrobat Reader, but that is easy to get.  Some of the sites have links for downloading the software, if you need it.

I have no affiliation with any of these groups — I just love to visit them for inspiration and to learn new techniques.

1.  Block of the Month (AZPatch)


The archives go all the way back to 1999 for pieced blocks, with some paper piecing patterns as well.  Nice colour drawings, too.

2.  Citrus Belt Quilters of Redlands, California


They are currently featuring some cute “boy blocks” of trucks and cars.

3.  Delaware Quilts


Free block patterns, with full quilt patterns for sale with proceeds being donated to the American Cancer Society. (more…)

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Judy L. has posted the next step for the Stash Project, and I got my fabrics paired up with their partners just in time to keep up the suspense!  It’s such a cute pattern, perfect for donation quilts.   And it has setting triangles!  I have been wanting to (more…)

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Today I met with the coordinator of the Quilts of Valor-UK project and delivered the two quilt tops described in my blog on Sunday.  The coordinator, Jean Morris, was very pleased with the quilts, and I felt so happy to help with such an important mission.  We had a nice cup of coffee and a good long chat.  It was lots of fun to meet another (more…)

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I have four Quilts of Valor tops ready for donation on Monday.

These two are going to the QOV-UK group.



The UK coordinator lives hundreds of miles away in another part of the United Kingdom, but she is going to be in my area tomorrow visiting relatives so we have arranged to meet for coffee and (more…)

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This week I bought fabric.  On my first shopping trip, I found some Fat Quarters on special offer and bought 9 of them for me and one for my little daughter.

There was a set of neutral brown and tan FQs that I really liked, but I hadn’t brought much money with me, and I thought I probably didn’t need them.

But the next day…I just couldn’t stop thinking about them.  And thinking and thinking and thinking.  And wishing I had bought them, all the while we were visiting a bird garden in Leeds.

Then I saw these beautiful ducks, in all different shades of brown and tan. (more…)

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It was just an innocent little errand this afternoon to buy quilting thread to finish UFOs.   And then my little girl (age 7) said, “Mummy, come look!  I have to show you something good!”

She was looking at the Fat Quarters, and this is what she wanted:


Dalmations with fire engines.  She loves her “dotty” dogs.  🙂

Five minutes later, this is what I wanted: (more…)

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My husband said, “you’re supposed to be finishing things!” When I was looking for fabrics for Judy’s Quilt-Along, I found several (actually five) more UFO’s in a big plastic storage box. They looked so tempting — I just had to pull them out and work on each one for a little while.  I feel like I am going down the buffet line at a UFO banquet — just have to try a little bit of this, and a tiny bit of that, and maybe some of that, too.

Oh, dear, I can see that I still have a long way to go before I am a reformed character in the UFO department. 😉

I’m amazed at how many blocks I have made. Stacks and stacks. Some of them I don’t even remember working on, although I always remember the fabrics. Making blocks is always my favourite part of the quilt-making process. Assembling blocks into tops is okay, maybe a bit tedious sometimes, but doing the quilting (more…)

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Our older daughter had to move back in with us this week, so we’ve been busy rearranging furniture and setting up a bedroom for her.  I didn’t get to sew as much as I had hoped, but I did make 43 blocks for my Quilts of Valor-UK quilt.  It won’t take long to finish now.

With all the house cleaning and moving things around, I made some happy discoveries.  I was pleased to find two more nice UFOs, like old friends I was happy to see again.  🙂  I also found these cute 1/2 yard cuts of Michael Miller fabric that I misplaced some time ago.   The design is called Giddy Dot.  I love that name!  It makes me feel happy to look at this fabric.


My Stash Report totals for Week 5 are the same as last week, I’m afraid.  Fingers crossed for better progress next week!

  • Total bought this week:  0
  • Total used this week:  0
  • Year-to-Date Bought:  6 yds
  • Year-to-Date Used:  28.5 yds

Happy Sewing!

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I have found the Quilts of Valor group for the UK, thanks to information from one of the American QOV coordinators, and I have now joined them as a volunteer.  I am going to make quilt tops and pillowcases.

Contact details for the UK coordinator can be found on the main Quilts of Valor website, along the lefthand side of the Home page.  Or you can contact me, and I can give you the email address.

I am so excited about the opportunity to participate in this worthwhile and uplifting project.  I am an American, and I was very happy to have made a few things for the American group.  With the UK group, I will now be able to show my appreciation to service personnel in the country where I presently make my home with my wonderful family.

If you live in the UK and have been thinking about doing some volunteer quilting work for a worthy cause, please think about joining Quilts of Valor – UK.

My first project?  Well, I have these beautiful Makower coordinates just languishing in my stash….


Happy Sewing!  🙂

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I originally thought I would only count fabric cut for new projects finished in 2009 for my Stash Buster report.  But, my husband asked me last night, how would I count fabric used in 2009 for UFO’s started in 2008 or earlier?  If I don’t count that fabric now, doesn’t that leave my large stack of UFO’s in a sort of Stash Limbo, neither counted nor discounted?

I’ve decided to change my method and will now count all my projects that are finished in 2009.  The fabric won’t have been counted before, as this is my first year to participate in this project.  By “finished”, I mean quilted, bound, labelled and ready to use or give away (except for charity quilts where I am only supposed to make a top) .

So…my revised Stash Buster report for 2009 is this:

Fabric used:

  • 20.5 yards for large quilt and 4 pillowcases for teenage daughter, finished Jan 2009;
  • 6 yards for QOV quilt top;  and
  • 2 yards for UFO cushion cover.

Total stash used to date in 2009:  28.5 yards.

  • New fabric bought year-to-date:  Still  0 Correction: Ooops, I forgot, I bought 6 yards of backing fabric for that black and red quilt.

Just out of curiousity, I thought I would try to remember how much fabric  from stash I used in 2008.

  • 13.5 yards for twin size quilt for younger daughter;
  • 16 yards for QOV pillowcases;
  • 1.5 yards for a wallhanging; and
  • 8.5 yards for Christmas stockings.

That makes a total of 39.5 yards used during the year for a few projects that come to mind at the moment.  Just goes to show how quickly the fabric gets used up even when you’re not being careful about counting!  I only bought fabric on two holidays in Northumberland and Surrey, and that was about 20 yards total, including two recycled 100% cotton duvet covers from charity shops that I have cut up to use as yard goods.

I’m really glad I have a blog now to use as my quilt journal.  I’ve never been so organised, ever.

Happy Sewing!

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