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A finish, a finish, I finally have a finish!   🙂

Here is my version of  “Freeze Frame”, a Quilt for an Hour pattern designed by Judy Laquidara.

Freeze Frame Complete

Here’s a better look at some of the fabrics used in the quilt.

Freeze Frame fabrics

I am estimating that I used 7 yards of fabric for this quilt top, calculating from the fabric requirements given in the pattern and counting the fat quarters that I used for the squares.

I loved making this quilt, and I am already thinking of another version in other colours!

My Stash Report totals for Week 45 are:

  • Bought this week:  0
  • Used this week:  7 yards
  • Bought Year-to-Date:  24.875
  • Used Year-to-Date:  92.375
  • Net Used:  67.5 yards

To see Stash Reports by other quilters and to find the pattern for “Freeze Frame”, please visit Judy’s blog, Patchwork Times.

Happy Sewing!

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What a shock when I realised this morning that there are only 8 weeks of Stash Reports left this year.  There are still so many unfinished projects on my To Do list for 2009!  I felt a surge of panic — because, silly me, I am always setting unrealistic goals for myself.

Then I took a deep breath and remembered that it’s not The End Of The World if I don’t get every single thing finished.  I’ll just do the best I can and try to remember that quilting is a hobby for me, and it’s supposed to be fun!

This week I have continued to work on “Freeze Frame,” Judy Laquidara’s Quilt for an Hour project.  I am about halfway through Hour 11.  The last step is Hour 12, so the finish line is in sight!  🙂

Freeze Frame 11

I haven’t finished anything this week, and I haven’t bought any fabric this week, so my totals remain:

  • Bought this week:  0
  • Used this week:  0
  • Bought Year-to-Date:  24.875
  • Used Year-to-Date:  85.375
  • Net Used:  60.5 yards

Please visit Judy’s blog to see how others are doing with their Stashbusting this week.

Happy Sewing!

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I had a little bath mat that was looking kind of sad and threadbare.   I could have thrown it out or given it to the dogs, but I’m on this recycling kick lately, so I decided to make something with it.   It is now a “New and Improved” Bath Mat!

Here’s the mat in its original state, with assorted fabric strips from my scrap bin.


Using the bath mat as a foundation, I started piecing the strips from the centre of the mat and worked out toward the edges, using the “flip and sew” method.

Mat-first strips

And I just kept going, adding more strips…..

Mat-more strips

…until the mat was totally covered.

Mat-strips sewn down

I was sewing through a very thick, looped cotton bath mat, so I used my strongest, most powerful sewing machine, my Janome 6500P.   This is the machine I use for quilting, and I could never say enough good things about it.  It’s a wonderful machine.  🙂


Then I trimmed around the shape of the bath mat…

Mat-trimming around

…and it looked like this.  Nigel the dog was helping me again.  😉

Mat after trimming

I bound the edges with bias tape, and then it was done!  🙂


This project used approximately 1/2 yard of fabric, so my Stash Report for Week 43 is:

  • Bought this week:  0
  • Used this week:  0.5 yard
  • Bought Year-to-Date:  24.875
  • Used Year-to-Date:  85.375
  • Net Used:  60.5 yards

Please visit Judy’s blog, Patchwork Times, to see how others are doing with stashbusting this week.

Happy Sewing!

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This week I’ve been making cloth shopping bags for the Christmas Fair at my daughter’s school, using fabrics from my stash.

Shopping bags

These bags are made using the free pattern at the Morsbags website and take a little less than 5/8 yard each to make.  They go together quickly and easily, and when I took some samples to show at the PTA meeting, everyone liked them very much.

I have found some other cute free patterns on the Internet, too.  This design by Silver Seams is for a cloth bag in the same shape as a plastic shopping bag.  I like the way the handles and the bag are cut in one piece.

This roomy bag designed by Nanette is recommended for denim or canvas to be super sturdy.  This pattern will be perfect to recycle an old denim skirt that I’ve been saving for just the right project.

I also like the look of this free grocery bag pattern from The Creative Thimble.  I think this would make a great tote bag, as well — perhaps with a heavier-weight home decor fabric.

My Stash Report for Week 42 is:

  • Bought:  0 yards
  • Fabric used this week for bags:  3.125 yards
  • Year to Date Bought:  24.875 yards
  • Year to Date Used:  84.875 yards
  • Net used:  60 yards

To see how others are progressing with Stash Busting this week, please visit Judy’s blog.

Happy Sewing!

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I have half a dozen active projects on the go right now.  So what did I do this week?  I worked on something else.  Of course.  😉

At the supermarket, there was a basket full of fleece throws in bright colours for £2 each.  What a bargain!  I had to have a green one.  It’s a happy colour.  And when I saw it, I remembered a colourful UFO that I started several years ago.

When I got home, I hunted in all my boxes, baskets and cupboards until I found it.  It’s a pattern by M’Liss Rae Hawley called “Woven Ribbons” from her book, Fat Quarter Quilts.  The pattern was for a baby quilt, and I changed the borders and enlarged it to make it suitable for an older child.


I stitched it down to the fleece throw without batting and made a snuggly quiltlet for my little girl.   It’s not really quilted —  more like top-stitched.  I used some YLI quilting cotton in variegated crayon colours that was left over from my daughter’s birthday quilt (featured in the banner above).


And, because I am determined to use up as much as possible from my entire sewing stash, I bound it with some purple bias tape I’ve had for a long time.  The price tag on the package says “Cloth World,” so you know it’s been around for a while.  😉  I used Judy Laquidara’s method of machine finishing the binding, which worked a treat.


My daughter is happy because she has something new.  I am happy to have a quick finish!  I’ve finished a UFO and now I can count it in my Stash Report.  It’s also given me a sense of accomplishment and re-charged my batteries to keep going on the other projects I have in the works.  🙂

This quilt top used approximately 1-3/4 yards.  I’m not counting the fleece since it was purchased as a finished item rather than yard goods.  My totals for this week are:

  • Bought  0
  • Used  1.75 yards
  • Year to Date Bought  24.875 yards
  • Year to Date Used  81.75

Happy Sewing!

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I spent most of my sewing time this week making this dress for my little girl to wear to school on Monday.  They usually wear school uniforms, but their year group is doing a history project, and she needed something “old-fashioned” looking to wear.

Little dress3

It looks huge on the coat hanger!  Here it is on my little model.

Little Dress

She chose the fabric herself, from my quilting stash.  It’s one of my “vintage” fabrics from when I first started quilting.

Little dress print

It’s cold and blustery here, so the dress is completely lined for warmth.  I used 4 yards to make it, so my totals for this week are:

  • Bought 0 yards
  • Used 4 yards
  • Year to Date bought 24.875 yards
  • Year to Date Used 80 yards

I’m also still working on Judy’s Quilt for an Hour, the Roman Stripes UFO, and the little boxed squares but don’t have any significant progress to show.

Happy Sewing!

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I’ve been sewing every day this week and having the best time!  So far, I have:

Made 15 more blocks for my Roman Stripes project, for a total of 31;

Roman Stripes31

and finished Hour 5 of Judy Laquidara’s Quilt for an Hour.

Hour 5 Complete

The only fabric I bought this week is a packet of Fat Eighths (total 2-1/8 yards).

Little squares fabric

I wanted to try an experiment, so I made some boxed squares using only the fabric from the packet.  They turned out all right.  🙂  I’ll make more blocks from stash fabric to bring this up to a useable size quilt top.

Little squares

Stash Report totals:

  • Bought this week:  2.125 yards
  • Used this week:  0 (nothing finished to count yet)
  • Year to Date Bought:  24.875 yards
  • Year to Date Used:  76 yards

Happy Sewing!

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