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I spent most of my sewing time this week making this dress for my little girl to wear to school on Monday.  They usually wear school uniforms, but their year group is doing a history project, and she needed something “old-fashioned” looking to wear.

Little dress3

It looks huge on the coat hanger!  Here it is on my little model.

Little Dress

She chose the fabric herself, from my quilting stash.  It’s one of my “vintage” fabrics from when I first started quilting.

Little dress print

It’s cold and blustery here, so the dress is completely lined for warmth.  I used 4 yards to make it, so my totals for this week are:

  • Bought 0 yards
  • Used 4 yards
  • Year to Date bought 24.875 yards
  • Year to Date Used 80 yards

I’m also still working on Judy’s Quilt for an Hour, the Roman Stripes UFO, and the little boxed squares but don’t have any significant progress to show.

Happy Sewing!

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