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I originally thought I would only count fabric cut for new projects finished in 2009 for my Stash Buster report.  But, my husband asked me last night, how would I count fabric used in 2009 for UFO’s started in 2008 or earlier?  If I don’t count that fabric now, doesn’t that leave my large stack of UFO’s in a sort of Stash Limbo, neither counted nor discounted?

I’ve decided to change my method and will now count all my projects that are finished in 2009.  The fabric won’t have been counted before, as this is my first year to participate in this project.  By “finished”, I mean quilted, bound, labelled and ready to use or give away (except for charity quilts where I am only supposed to make a top) .

So…my revised Stash Buster report for 2009 is this:

Fabric used:

  • 20.5 yards for large quilt and 4 pillowcases for teenage daughter, finished Jan 2009;
  • 6 yards for QOV quilt top;  and
  • 2 yards for UFO cushion cover.

Total stash used to date in 2009:  28.5 yards.

  • New fabric bought year-to-date:  Still  0 Correction: Ooops, I forgot, I bought 6 yards of backing fabric for that black and red quilt.

Just out of curiousity, I thought I would try to remember how much fabric  from stash I used in 2008.

  • 13.5 yards for twin size quilt for younger daughter;
  • 16 yards for QOV pillowcases;
  • 1.5 yards for a wallhanging; and
  • 8.5 yards for Christmas stockings.

That makes a total of 39.5 yards used during the year for a few projects that come to mind at the moment.  Just goes to show how quickly the fabric gets used up even when you’re not being careful about counting!  I only bought fabric on two holidays in Northumberland and Surrey, and that was about 20 yards total, including two recycled 100% cotton duvet covers from charity shops that I have cut up to use as yard goods.

I’m really glad I have a blog now to use as my quilt journal.  I’ve never been so organised, ever.

Happy Sewing!

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