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I’ve been sorting through my fat quarter collection today, looking for those odd, lonely ones that don’t really match anything and never get chosen for a quilt top.

My cutting table is actually clear today, so I thought I’d take advantage of that happy occasion to do all my cutting at one time.  😉

I’ve paired the FQs with some plain fabrics that are a close-enough match, and I’m cutting them into 5-inch squares and 2.5-inch strips for some easy two-colour blocks and 9-patches for donation quilts.  They are starting to look very bright and cheerful!  Maybe they have finally found their perfect home.

If you go to Judy’s blog, you can see what other quilters have on their design walls today, too.

Happy Quilting!

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This week I bought fabric.  On my first shopping trip, I found some Fat Quarters on special offer and bought 9 of them for me and one for my little daughter.

There was a set of neutral brown and tan FQs that I really liked, but I hadn’t brought much money with me, and I thought I probably didn’t need them.

But the next day…I just couldn’t stop thinking about them.  And thinking and thinking and thinking.  And wishing I had bought them, all the while we were visiting a bird garden in Leeds.

Then I saw these beautiful ducks, in all different shades of brown and tan. (more…)

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It was just an innocent little errand this afternoon to buy quilting thread to finish UFOs.   And then my little girl (age 7) said, “Mummy, come look!  I have to show you something good!”

She was looking at the Fat Quarters, and this is what she wanted:


Dalmations with fire engines.  She loves her “dotty” dogs.  🙂

Five minutes later, this is what I wanted: (more…)

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I’ve been looking at these red and black fabrics all day long, moving them around the house with me as I go from room to room doing different chores.  They just seemed “wrong” to me.  Values too similar, not enough contrast.  Maybe that’s why this red and black project didn’t appeal to me in the first place.  My subconscious was telling me that my fabrics were too boring.  So I went digging in the stash some more and came up with three black and white prints that I think will give some personality to this quilt, something to really make it sing!

red-black-and-whiteA more exciting line-up!

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Now, this is how my UFO problems always begin.   I haven’t finished my Grandmother’s Flower Garden yet, but it’s less than six weeks until the holidays, and I have promised my teenage daughter that she can have a new quilt for a Christmas present.  So….the GFG will be put aside again in favour of a new and younger rival.  But not abandoned.  I’ll be back!  I promise.

Teenage daughter has chosen red and black as her colour theme.  Not my favourite colours, a bit dark and dramatic for me, so I wanted a pattern that would go together quickly, look modern and young and cool, but still be a nice quilt that will stand the test of time.

I found the perfect pattern at one of my favourite blogs.  The pattern is called Stash Buster Quilt, and here is the link to the tutorial:


(note: link updated 30-8-2011)

I’ve started cutting the fabrics and laying the pieces out on the kitchen table to audition them for the final cut (excuse the pun).  I use sticky notes to identify the different size pieces.


Components for Quilt Blocks

Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to a fabric stash.  For someone who isn’t keen on red and black together, I seem to have a very good collection of fabrics in this colourway.  I’ll be able to make this quilt top totally from stash and still have enough left over for backing and binding.


Black Palette


Red Palette

I’ll have to be really sly (and tidy!) and put everything away when I finish for the day because I don’t want my daughter to see it until it’s finished.  (She doesn’t know yet that I have a blog.)  She knows that she has a quilt coming, and she knows the colour scheme.  The “little” surprise will be the pattern — and the BIG surprise will be if it’s actually finished and under the tree in time for Christmas!  Bless her heart, she’s lived with me for a very long time.   😉

Happy Sewing today!

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