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Lately I’ve been sewing only in my sewing room on my two favourite electric machines  — Marie, the Janome 6500P, and Peggy, the Singer 201K from 1951.

Today however, my 10-year-old asked me if I would sew in the living room so I could watch Dr. Who DVDs with her.  How could I resist a lovely offer like that?!  😉

I didn’t want to move those heavy electric machines and worry about extension leads trailing across the floor, so it was Ruby, the Singer 99K, to the rescue!  Small, portable, hand operated, and she doesn’t make much noise — just right for TV watching while sewing.

We are working on an ancient Blue and Yellow UFO.  I’m not sure exactly how old it is, but I do know that I bought this fabric in Houston, Texas, when I lived there, so this might be 16 years old or so.

The pattern is Crossed Canoes, and the paper pieced pattern can be found here on the World Wide Quilting Page.

I had 11 blocks previously made, and now I have enough components to assemble 25 blocks.  There is loads of fabric left, so I might keep going until I have enough blocks for a large bed-size quilt.  Most of the people in our family are tall, so lap quilts really aren’t big enough for us to wrap up in while reading or watching TV.

And here is Nigel, the quilting dog, supervising the activities!  He and this UFO project are just about the same age!  🙂  He is always my Number 1 helper.


Happy Quilting!


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I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions.  It seems like a good way to set myself up for failure, and I’ve already been down that road paved with good intentions too many times!

However, this year I noticed that several quilt bloggers that I follow have resolved to finish one UFO per month.  That sounds so nice and like something I should do, too.  After all, I am supposed to be in the business of finishing UFOs!  😉

Here is my first UFO finish of the year, from my Flying Geese phase of 2003.  I finished it on Saturday evening.

Here is what I started with on Wednesday morning when I pulled this project out of the UFO cupboard.

If I could work so fast this week, why can’t I work that fast every week?

Oh happy day, I get to count a finish in my stats!

Bought this week:  0
Bought year-to-date:  9.75 yards
Used this week:  4.25
Used year-to-date:  10.75
Used (net):  1 yard

To see how others are doing with their Stash Reports this week, please visit Judy’s blog for a list of links.

Happy Quilting!

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