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I’ve been visiting this book  — Traditional British Quilts by Dorothy Osler — at my public library about once a month for the past two years.  It’s in the reference section, so I couldn’t check it out and take it home with me.  It was also published in 1987, and it’s been out of print for a while, so for the longest time, I couldn’t even find a copy to buy.  Until now!  I just found it last week!  🙂

I fell in love with a wonderful quilt on Page 29.  It’s called Medallion Quilt in multicoloured cottons;  North Country:  c. 1880.  The photo is in black and white, so I can’t see the “multicoloured cottons,” but I know it must be really special.  Every time I looked at this book in the library,  I made lots of notes and little drawings so I could remember what the quilt looked like.


Then I came home and started making my own version of the Medallion Quilt in all the deep reds and burgundies I had in my stash.  I wanted my quilt to be rectangular instead of square, so I changed the centre design from 9 squares with sashing to 12 squares with sashing.

The borders and cornerstones will increase by 1/2 inch in width with each subsequent row.  Borders 3 to 6 are already cut out and ready to go.

Border 7 will be a Flying Geese “Goose Chase” flowing in anti-clockwise direction, and the geese will be made of all the scrap fabrics left over from the other borders.  Here’s an example of that pattern from the Quilters Cache website.

I haven’t done the maths, so I don’t know how big this quilt will turn out to be, and I’m not going to make myself feel guilty for taking a long time to finish it.  It’s been such an interesting project — I just want to savour it!  🙂

Happy Quilting!

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I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions.  It seems like a good way to set myself up for failure, and I’ve already been down that road paved with good intentions too many times!

However, this year I noticed that several quilt bloggers that I follow have resolved to finish one UFO per month.  That sounds so nice and like something I should do, too.  After all, I am supposed to be in the business of finishing UFOs!  😉

Here is my first UFO finish of the year, from my Flying Geese phase of 2003.  I finished it on Saturday evening.

Here is what I started with on Wednesday morning when I pulled this project out of the UFO cupboard.

If I could work so fast this week, why can’t I work that fast every week?

Oh happy day, I get to count a finish in my stats!

Bought this week:  0
Bought year-to-date:  9.75 yards
Used this week:  4.25
Used year-to-date:  10.75
Used (net):  1 yard

To see how others are doing with their Stash Reports this week, please visit Judy’s blog for a list of links.

Happy Quilting!

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