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I haven’t been sewing very much lately, but our oldest daughter has some new projects on her design wall!  She went shopping in my fabric stash this week, and look what she took home!

Hooray!  She took 3.5 yards of that grey corduroy my friend gave me last Spring, plus some other goodies — about 7 yards total.

In the meantime, I bought some new fabric.  I got these three Hawaiian prints on eBay.  They are 100% cotton and measure 60 inches wide by 72 inches long, just the right size for backings for lap quilts.  Maybe.  I think the dark red and the taupe/black will be nice for men’s quilts, but the turquoise might just turn into a summer dress for me next year!  😉

Here are my totals for the year so far.   It’s two steps forward and one step back.  I’m afraid there’s not much progress towards positive numbers in the Total Used column!

Bought this week:  6 yards
Total fabric in this year (bought and gift):  60 yards
Used this week:  7 yards
Used year-to-date:  44 yards
Total (net):  -16 yards

To see how others are progressing with their Stashbusting, please visit Judy, who hosts the Stash Report on her blog.

Happy Quilting!

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After we left our children at school the other day, my friend Jeanette asked if I could come around to her car because she had some sewing stuff in the boot (trunk) for me.

It was 30 metres of grey corduroy!  Some of it has been cut, but most of it is still on this huge (and heavy!) roll.  She had started recovering her living room sofa but got frustrated along the way and decided to just buy a new sofa and be done with it.  I don’t blame her — that’s a very hard job.

It’s lovely fabric, very good quality but too thin for clothing — so what in the world can I do with it?  Our living room is mostly jade green, so grey corduroy won’t work for us.  I’d really like to use the fabric for some kind of charity/donation project.

I thought about making reusable grocery/shopping bags for the next school fair and decorating them with brightly coloured twin-needle machine embroidery — but that’s my only idea so far.  Even Nigel the Quilting Dog is drawing a blank on this problem!  😉

And my biggest dilemma of the day — do I have to count this fabric in my stash report?  Yes, I suppose to be really “legal”, I should count it.  And then when I sew it up, I’ll get to count it as a big finish.

I have been sewing a lot this weekend but haven’t finished anything yet.  I’ve been using two of my favourite vintage Singer machines — that’s Nancy, the 185K, on the left, and Gloria, the 404G, on the right (and the corduroy in the middle!).  😉

Here are my figures for the week:

Bought this week:  0
Received as a gift:  33 yards (30 metres)
Bought year-to-date:  16 yards
Used this week:  0
Used year-to-date:  24.5 yards
Used (net):  -24.5 yards

To see how others are getting along with their stashbusting this week, please visit Judy’s blog.

Happy Quilting!

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