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The most fun part of quilting for me is making blocks.  Just  sewing along, block after block.  Most of my UFOs have been abandoned in the block stage, and now, when I am trying to finish them up, I can’t remember what the big plan was.  Maybe there was no plan.  Just blocks.

Here are these guys again, the purple-green-orange family.  There are 48 of these blocks — 8 each in 6 different fabrics, 8 in. square finished.  I have received so many helpful and creative suggestions on how to set them — thank you for that.  🙂

I like the “no sashing” setting very much.  These blocks are the same Corn and Beans pattern used in my Harvest Festival quilt, and that quilt is set without sashings.  However, if I use the “sashings and cornerstones” setting to pad out the blocks, I will be able to make two quilts measuring approximately 56 x 70 inches, so I have decided to do that.

The blocks will be shared out equally, and I’ll have two quilts something like this.  Maybe with more borders?  I like to end the last round with a dark colour, and I don’t think the binding will be wide enough to qualify.

Those aren’t my actual fabrics, of course, or even the actual blocks, but they’ll do for illustration purposes.

To see what others have on their Design Walls today, please visit Judy Laquidara’s blog, Patchwork Times.

Happy Sewing!

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Several people have written to me with kind words and interest in the “Harvest Festival” quilt top that I made and donated to Quilts of Valor-UK, so I thought I would explain the history of that top and provide some links for similar patterns.


I actually started this top about seven or eight years ago.  When the QOV-UK lady said she was coming to my area sooner than expected, I had to get something ready for her very quickly, so I pulled this quilt top out of my UFO cupboard.

Most of the focus fabric came from a Benartex charm pack from many years ago and included country-style prints of apples and some plaids in various colourways.  I also used some stash fabric that complemented the mix — some orange to represent pumpkins, purple for aubergines (eggplants), and a variety of greens.

The blocks were paper-pieced, and they came from the original version of the Foundation Factory software.  The pattern is “Corn and Beans No. 3,” and the blocks were 4 inches square.  I needed a block that only used a small quantity of focus fabric because the charms were only 5 inches square.  That’s why this is such a brilliant pattern for using up scraps.  The background fabric is an assortment of cream-on-cream scraps from stash.

When I had lots of blocks made up, I just moved them around until I found a pleasing arrangement.  The borders are plain strips, and the colours are supposed to represent green cornfields and “amber waves of  grain.”

I have found some patterns on the Internet to share with you:

Dawn Duperault has a similar paper-pieced block called Hen and Chickens that you can print out.

Marcia Hohn at The Quilter’s Cache has a nice pattern for a larger Corn and Beans block, and the outer corner elements are the same as the block I used.  Her pattern is done by traditional piecing with some nifty cutting shortcuts, and her instructions and illustrations are clear and easy to follow.

Easy Quilting has a lovely pattern here which uses traditional templates, and Sally Schneider has a similar pattern called “Mary’s Triangles” that she teaches in classes.

I miss that quilt now that it’s gone.  Maybe it’s time to make another one!

Happy Sewing!  🙂

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