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The fabrics for my Bears in the Art Museum quilt top are all from stash, but I didn’t have a nice backing, so I just had to buy some fabric this week.   My husband helped me choose this fabric.  It feels very soft and luxurious, and I think it will look pretty.  It’s called “Imprints,” designed for the Balson Hercules Group.


I also started working on Judy Laquidara’s new stash project.  She is doing her quilt in bright colours, but she said we could use any colours we like.  Mine is going to be all blue and yellow.  I’ve been dreaming of ways to use my collection of blues and yellows together, and this pattern will be perfect.  I have finished 16 Flying Geese blocks already.  Judy recommended Patti Anderson’s method for No-Waste Flying Geese, and I think it is brilliant and so easy to do.


Since it’s time for the Weekly Stash Report, I’ve also been thinking about ways of reporting stash usage.  I’ve changed my mind again about how and when to count fabric used.  I think Judy Laquidara’s method is really the most sensible for me (actually counting it when I use it — otherwise I will forget), so I am going to count my Bears fabric in this week’s stash report.  That will bring my totals for Week 16 to:

  • Bought         6 yds
  • Used            8.5 yds
  • YTD Bought    16.75 yds
  • YTD Used        76 yds

Happy Sewing!

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My Bears in the Farmhouse quilt top, now renamed “Bears in the Art Museum,” is finished!


This project was part of Judy Laquidara‘s Quilt Along.  Finished quilt tops by other participants can be viewed here.  Judy said about 300 participants started the project, and more than 150 carried on through the final step.

Thank you, Judy, for this beautiful pattern.  I’ve learned some new techniques and a more efficient method of assembling a quilt top.  This is also the most technically perfect quilt top I’ve ever made — and I had to unpick a few seams and redo them to make sure of that!  😉

It was really good fun, too.   🙂

Happy Sewing!

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Here are my half-square triangles for Judy’s “Bears in the Farmhouse” Quilt- Along.


I used a free pattern template from the World Wide Quilting Page to make my triangles.  They have several different size templates available (more…)

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My husband said, “you’re supposed to be finishing things!” When I was looking for fabrics for Judy’s Quilt-Along, I found several (actually five) more UFO’s in a big plastic storage box. They looked so tempting — I just had to pull them out and work on each one for a little while.  I feel like I am going down the buffet line at a UFO banquet — just have to try a little bit of this, and a tiny bit of that, and maybe some of that, too.

Oh, dear, I can see that I still have a long way to go before I am a reformed character in the UFO department. 😉

I’m amazed at how many blocks I have made. Stacks and stacks. Some of them I don’t even remember working on, although I always remember the fabrics. Making blocks is always my favourite part of the quilt-making process. Assembling blocks into tops is okay, maybe a bit tedious sometimes, but doing the quilting (more…)

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