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One of the hinges broke off my laundry hamper the other day. It looked tacky and was awkward to use with a flappy lid, so I decided to repair it today.  In the old days, I would have thrown it away and bought a new laundry hamper.   But not now, not in the new age of thrift.

First I removed the broken hinge and its mate with wire cutters.  Then I cut six equal lengths of sturdy parcel string for each new “hinge” and threaded them as a group between the bamboo framework and the woven material on the lid and the hamper body.   I tied the groups of string around the back, first in a square knot, and then with a granny knot on top of that.

Laundry hamper3

Laundry hamper2

I didn’t want to cut the tie ends too short in case the knots worked loose, but the long dangling ends didn’t look very pretty.  In a fanciful moment, I decided to decorate the string ends with some leftover jewelry-making beads from our craft box.  Ta-da!  My husband said it looks nicer now than before.  And I saved about £11 by not having to buy a new hamper.   🙂

Laundry hamper1

Happy Sewing!

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