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This week I have finished 53 blocks for my Patriotic string quilts.  I need 96 blocks to make two quilts.

When I was laying the blocks out on the table, I realised that they look more interesting with different red centre strips mixed together instead of keeping them in strict matching sets.  So I pulled out all my red strings, and now I have a good variety of colours and designs.

And, believe it not,  I am finally running out of patriotic strings!  Not to worry, though — I have lots more fabric from stash that I can cut.  This is going to be a great week for Stashbusting!  🙂

Also this week, I discovered We All Sew, a very nice sewing website that has lots and lots of free patterns and links to all kinds of sewing pages around the Internet.  And, if you scroll down the list to Favourite Sewing Blogs of the week, you might see someone you know (me!).  It’s a lovely compliment, and I am thrilled to bits.  Thank you, Erika!

Happy Quilting!

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This week I’ve been sewing Patriotic fabric string blocks.  I couldn’t decide whether I liked the Bright Red centres or the Dark Red centres better, so I’m making both.  The blocks look a bit wonky right now because they haven’t been trimmed down to their proper size of 9.5 inches yet.

Bright Red:

Dark Red:

My red-white-and-blue string bin is overflowing with scraps left over from the pillowcases and my first Patriotic string quilt, so I’m sure I have plenty of fabric for two quilts!  Or more.   😉  I keep thinking this fabric is nearly used up, but it just seems to multiply overnight.   I guess it’s deceptive how much yardage is really there when it’s cut into narrow strips.

These are HeartStrings quilts, and when completed, they will go to Alycia in Colorado for the No Soldier Forgotten Quilts of Valor project.

To see what other quilters have on their Design Walls today, please visit Judy’s blog for a list of links.

Happy Quilting!

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This morning I finished my first HeartStrings Quilt top, using scraps left over from the Quilts of Valor pillowcases made during November’s Pillowcase Party.  This is going to be posted to Alycia, who is working on a mighty QOV project to personally deliver 400 quilts to the project in May 2009.   She will finish it into a proper quilt with batting, backing and binding.


We went outside to take advantage of the lovely January sunshine, and my husband and teenage daughter held the quilt up for me to photograph.

I used 6 yards of fabric for this quilt top.  The centre lattice strips are blue Kona cotton purchased on our last trip to America a few years ago, and all the strips are pieced onto muslin squares.


When you make a scrap quilt, do you ever have a favourite block?  This is my favourite from this project.  It just looked so “right” to me that I had to take a picture!  😉


Stash Buster Report for Week 3:

  • Fabric purchased:  0
  • Fabric used:  6 yards.
  • Year-to-date purchased:  0
  • Year-to-date used:  6.75 yards.

Now I can’t wait to get started on something new!

Happy Sewing!

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I finished all my Quilts of Valor pillowcases today and used up almost every bit of patriotic fabric in my stash!  There is nothing left now but one shoe box of strings, which will probably find their way into a string quilt later on.  I had enough fabric for 15 standard size pillowcases.  Patriotic fabric was not a requirement for the Pillowcase Party, but I had a huge stash of red-white-and-blue and thought this would be a great use for it.  I had a wonderful time doing this — I learned a new skill, cleared some space in my fabric cupboard, and got to join in with the online group HeartStrings Quilt Project in a team effort for a worthy cause.



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