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Hooray!  I have finished several things just in time to count them for the end-of-the year report!

We had the annual Christmas fair at school, and I made bags again — this time in several sizes.  The small gift bags were the best sellers, especially the ones sized to hold DVDs and CDs.

I also made the usual grocery-shopping sized bags in bright fabrics.    Here is my table in the corner of the school hall.  A coat rack makes a great display for hanging bags!

I made this green String Quilt top for a friend and have already pieced the backing.  Now it just needs quilting and binding.

And best of all, I finished the purple and green Puss in the Corner quilt in time to give it as a gift on Christmas Eve.   It has gone to our older daughter’s long-time boyfriend, who admired the colours when I first started working on it, many months ago.   He was really pleased to have it.  🙂

The full-length picture turned out a bit dark, but here’s one during the quilting that shows the true colours better:

I quilted this project using a Continuous Curve motif designed by Carla Barrett.  Then I went back and stitched a quarter inch inside the edge of each large centre patch.  The backing was pieced using large left-over pieces of green and purple fabrics.

All that activity brings me back into positive numbers!  Here are my totals:

Bought this report:  0
Total fabric in this year:  54 yards
Used this report:  32 yards
Total used this year:  76 yards
Total (net):  22 yards

Thank you, Judy Laquidara, for hosting the Stash Report.  I would like to continue participating in 2011 and hope to be more regular in my reporting.  🙂

Happy New Year, everyone, and Happy Quilting!

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I’ve made 11 more blocks this week for the purple and green quilt, for a total of 23.

This is the last of these particular fabrics, but happily there are reinforcements in the same colour families in my stash.  Won’t have to buy a single thing!   🙂

I’ll probably stop working on this one for a bit now.  The turquoise birthday quilt has taken a detour (change of pattern) and needs finishing in the next two weeks, and I am also very eager to baste and quilt the purple and pink Flying Geese top that I completed on Saturday.

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Happy Quilting!

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Here are more purple and green blocks, but without the white squares this time.  Thank you for all your comments last week — it was unanimous to leave out the white, and you were so right!  I’m crazy for 4-patches, and I love the secondary 4-patch design that is emerging.   🙂

Nigel the dog has me SO well trained now!  Whenever I lay out quilt blocks on the floor, he runs straight over and sits on them.  Then he gives me a cute look.  Then I tell him how cute he is.  And then I give him a dog biscuit.  He’s a clever boy.  😉

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Happy Quilting!

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This is one of my favourite-ever fabrics.  It’s called Matters of the Heart by Kaye England for SSI, and I only have a tiny bit left.

I’m still making Puss in the Corner blocks for donation quilts, so I decided to use this pretty green and purple print as a theme for one of the sets.

It’s very bright and wild — even “loud”, although a young person might really like it.  I could break up the colour riot with plain setting squares…

…but I’m not sure about using such large pieces of white-on-white fabric.  That could be very difficult to keep clean!

I love Design Wall Monday.  Always a puzzle to solve, and it’s so much fun!

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Happy Quilting!

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