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Today is our wedding anniversary, 11 years.  Sometimes our wedding seems like yesterday, and sometimes it seems like 100 years ago.  And, as all long-term couples know,  it’s not easy.  “For better or for worse” can really try your soul sometimes.  But it’s definitely worth it.  And I would do it all over again.  Happy anniversary, my sweetheart, and thank you for putting up with me.  I love you.   🙂


I made this little quiltlet (8 inches square) on my dream sewing machine, my Janome 6500P, that my husband gave me for my combination birthday-Christmas present a few years ago.  She’s beautiful, trimmed with purple (my happy colour), and her name is “the Fine and Mighty Marie”.  I had always had mechanical machines, and I never thought I would have such a grand computerized machine as this!  I love everything about this machine, and especially the alphabet stitching feature.  It’s so much fun for projects like this, and I have also made quilt labels with it.  I have even used it to put my daughters’ names on their PE clothes and school bags!


Janome 6500P – My Dream Machine

Happy Sewing today!  🙂

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