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After making 31 blocks, I ran out of the original brightly-coloured fabrics for my sister-in-law’s Roman Stripes lap quilt.  I need 80 blocks for this quilt.   I no longer have any of the selvedge edges to see who the fabric maker is, and since this UFO is about 10 years old, I doubt this fabric would still be available, anyway.

After rummaging around in my fabric cupboard, I was able to come up with some similar colours which I think will do nicely in this quilt.   When the top is assembled and the blocks are mixed up in random order, I am hoping the differences will look like a deliberate design element.  Fingers crossed!

The top three rows are the original fabrics; the five blocks in the bottom two rows are the “new” fabrics.

Design wall Roman

To see what others have on their Design Walls today, please visit Judy Laquidara’s blog, Patchwork Times.

Happy Sewing!

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I’ve been sewing every day this week and having the best time!  So far, I have:

Made 15 more blocks for my Roman Stripes project, for a total of 31;

Roman Stripes31

and finished Hour 5 of Judy Laquidara’s Quilt for an Hour.

Hour 5 Complete

The only fabric I bought this week is a packet of Fat Eighths (total 2-1/8 yards).

Little squares fabric

I wanted to try an experiment, so I made some boxed squares using only the fabric from the packet.  They turned out all right.  🙂  I’ll make more blocks from stash fabric to bring this up to a useable size quilt top.

Little squares

Stash Report totals:

  • Bought this week:  2.125 yards
  • Used this week:  0 (nothing finished to count yet)
  • Year to Date Bought:  24.875 yards
  • Year to Date Used:  76 yards

Happy Sewing!

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I haven’t bought any new fabric this week, but I am making progress on using up some of my stash by continuing with my Roman Stripes UFO.   Now completed:  16 blocks.

Roman Stripes16I decided to use the setting Mary Johnson chose for her design.  It looks so clean and crisp and modern.  My sister-in-law will like this!

Here is Nigel, also known as Bitey Boy.  😉   He’s a good dog, really.  Even if he does like to come and sit on the blocks and disarrange them.

Nigel Stripes

Happy Sewing!

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It’s time to get back to the business of UFOs.   My stats page tells me that people searching for “Roswell” (New Mexico) are sometimes directed to this blog by their search engines.  Poor people — what a surprise they must get if they are not expecting Close Encounters with Unfinished Objects of the Quilting Kind!

This is not about extraterrestrial UFOs, of course — just the quilty ones!

When I was making up my Christmas gift list recently, I remembered a Roman Stripe project that I started about 10 years ago.  My sister-in-law recently redecorated her living room with black sofa and chairs, and she wears a lot of black clothes with bright accents, so I am hoping this lap quilt will suit her taste.


How lucky is this?  The original pattern was in the box with the fabric.  That doesn’t happen to me very often! 😉  This pattern is called “Roaming Stripes” and came from a book called Quilts So Quick, published by Oxmoor House in 1995.  Mary Johnson has a similar pattern on her website, called “Amish Stripes and Strings.”


Double lucky — the backing fabric was in the same box!  This fabric is from a line called “Erte Revisited”, from my favourite-ever designer,  The Woodrow Studios, London.


I mail-ordered a dark batting — Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 Black — and it arrived this morning.  Now I have everything I need!

Ready… Steady… Go!

Happy Sewing!

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