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I’m trying to finish — or at least make significant progress on one unfinished quilt top per month.  This Sampler Quilt is my second-oldest UFO and one of my first efforts, from probably 15 or 16 years ago.

This was a finished quilt top, but the sashing and border fabrics never matched the blocks properly, and it always bothered me.  I’m sure it was the best fabric I could afford at the time, but I knew I would never be happy with the finished product, and it was so horrible that I didn’t even take a “before” photo.  😉

However, I love the “pinky-ness” of these fabrics, so this top is getting a total makeover.

I had such a good time with the cornerstones and sashings on the turquoise quilt that I am using cornerstones again.  This time in reverse values, with dark sashings and light cornerstones.

When I was unpicking the seams from the old sashings, some of the blocks frayed badly, so I have trimmed them all down to 12-inch squares.  I will lose some of the tiny points, but I’m not going to worry about that.

It’s an experiment quilt and won’t be a great loss if it doesn’t turn out well.  After all, it’s already been sitting in boxes and cupboards, unused and unloved, for many years!  But I’m sure it’s going to be just fine now.

Happy Quilting!

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The most fun part of quilting for me is making blocks.  Just  sewing along, block after block.  Most of my UFOs have been abandoned in the block stage, and now, when I am trying to finish them up, I can’t remember what the big plan was.  Maybe there was no plan.  Just blocks.

Here are these guys again, the purple-green-orange family.  There are 48 of these blocks — 8 each in 6 different fabrics, 8 in. square finished.  I have received so many helpful and creative suggestions on how to set them — thank you for that.  🙂

I like the “no sashing” setting very much.  These blocks are the same Corn and Beans pattern used in my Harvest Festival quilt, and that quilt is set without sashings.  However, if I use the “sashings and cornerstones” setting to pad out the blocks, I will be able to make two quilts measuring approximately 56 x 70 inches, so I have decided to do that.

The blocks will be shared out equally, and I’ll have two quilts something like this.  Maybe with more borders?  I like to end the last round with a dark colour, and I don’t think the binding will be wide enough to qualify.

Those aren’t my actual fabrics, of course, or even the actual blocks, but they’ll do for illustration purposes.

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Happy Sewing!

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