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This is Esmeralda.  She is a beautiful green Singer 327K, serial number  ET670062, with a registration date of July 31, 1962.   She has just come home from the sewing machine hospital, where she was put right again after an extreme case of smokin’ hot foot pedal!
The official Singer serial number list shows this number as belonging to a 328K, but Esme is clearly marked “327K”.  The K just means that she was manufactured at Singer’s Kilbowie factory in Clydebank, Scotland.
I do simple repairs and maintenance on my hand-crank and treadle machines, but electrical problems are beyond my skills. My sewing machine guy is brilliant — he rewired the original foot pedal and saved the vintage casing and electrical cord to keep Esme’s green and brown colour scheme intact.
The sewing machine man was even able to get a new green bobbin winder tyre!
Esme uses Class 66 bobbins, which are inexpensive and easy to find.

and she has a lovely storage case that clips on…

She has a new needle plate, too…

and now she’s just as pretty as the day she came out of the factory, and she sews just as well, too!  🙂

Happy Quilting!

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My “new” sewing machine, purchased on eBay, arrived today.  I have named her Sylvia.  She is a Singer 507, and she was made in 1975.  She is very similar to the sewing machine I had in America before I moved to England.

Sylvia came with a nicely-done instruction manual, which someone scanned from an original and printed on a colour printer, then spiral-bound.  She also has a genuine Singer foot pedal and a new re-wired electric plug.  My little daughter and I sewed on her all afternoon, and she works great.

Here are some photos, because I just have to show her off!  She’s so beautiful…

Happy Sewing!

Singer 507 Sylvia

Singer 507 accessories

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Today is our wedding anniversary, 11 years.  Sometimes our wedding seems like yesterday, and sometimes it seems like 100 years ago.  And, as all long-term couples know,  it’s not easy.  “For better or for worse” can really try your soul sometimes.  But it’s definitely worth it.  And I would do it all over again.  Happy anniversary, my sweetheart, and thank you for putting up with me.  I love you.   🙂


I made this little quiltlet (8 inches square) on my dream sewing machine, my Janome 6500P, that my husband gave me for my combination birthday-Christmas present a few years ago.  She’s beautiful, trimmed with purple (my happy colour), and her name is “the Fine and Mighty Marie”.  I had always had mechanical machines, and I never thought I would have such a grand computerized machine as this!  I love everything about this machine, and especially the alphabet stitching feature.  It’s so much fun for projects like this, and I have also made quilt labels with it.  I have even used it to put my daughters’ names on their PE clothes and school bags!


Janome 6500P – My Dream Machine

Happy Sewing today!  🙂

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