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I’ve decided to make my older daughter’s Red and Black quilt larger than the original pattern(note: link updated 30-8-2011)  My version will require a total of 30 blocks, arranged 5 blocks across by 6 blocks down.  I’m not going to put borders on it, only binding, so the finished size should be 80″ x 96″, which I hope will be a nice size for a double bed.  I’m also going to make 4 coordinating pillowcases to match it, using my favourite pillowcase pattern from the QOV project.

So far, I have finished 15 blocks.  The other block pieces are assembled and ready to be sewn together, and I have cut all the pieces for the pillowcases.  I have 14 days to finish Pumpkin’s gift before Christmas, and I am feeling optimistic that I might get it done in time (knock on wood).  😉

Here are some sample layouts.  I haven’t decided yet how I will put all the blocks together, but I couldn’t resist playing around with them this afternoon.

Happy Sewing!




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I’ve been looking at these red and black fabrics all day long, moving them around the house with me as I go from room to room doing different chores.  They just seemed “wrong” to me.  Values too similar, not enough contrast.  Maybe that’s why this red and black project didn’t appeal to me in the first place.  My subconscious was telling me that my fabrics were too boring.  So I went digging in the stash some more and came up with three black and white prints that I think will give some personality to this quilt, something to really make it sing!

red-black-and-whiteA more exciting line-up!

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