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My daughter’s school celebrated Book Week this week in conjunction with World Book Day on March 4, and one day, the students were allowed to dress as characters from their favourite books instead of wearing their usual school uniforms.

My young daughter recently had an opportunity to meet the author John Malam, and she received an autographed copy of his book, 100 Things You Should Know About Mummies. She is fascinated with Ancient Egyptians and archaeology, so she was inspired by this book to dress up as a mummy.

I made her costume by sewing strips (and strips and strips!) of muslin onto a set of pyjamas.  Her hat/mask was supposed to look like a pyramid, but it came out looking like a ghost instead!  But she was happy, and that’s what counts.  🙂

Next week I will be seriously sewing on my “Too Good to Cut” challenge quilt.  I’m starting to feel left behind by the other Challenge participants, some of whom are practically finished with their quilt tops now!  Well done, everyone, and thank you for the inspiration!  To check on their progress, please visit them by following the links under “Challenge Participants” in my blog roll.

Happy Quilting!

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This week I spent every bit of my sewing time working on the birthday quilt, and I’m very pleased that it was done on time.  But I was very tired when I finished it and needed to take a break from sewing today.  I haven’t sewed on my “Too Good to Cut” Challenge quilt at all.

I did think about it, though, and decided on this green fabric for sashings.   The close runner-up is a dark amethyst, but the green looks very calm and soothing to me, and it brings out all the different shades of green in the focus fabric.  It just looks “more right” than the other fabric.

Next week I’ll have more progress to show!  I hope everyone else is doing well and having fun with their projects.

Happy Quilting!

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This week I started attaching the little claws onto the Bear Paws.  Here are the first two:

The pattern I am using is “Bears in the Farmhouse” by Judy Laquidara.  The focus fabric is the 1997 Hoffman Challenge Fabric, called “Kaleidoscope.”

To follow the progress of other quilters sewing along on this Challenge, please visit their links listed under “Challenge Participants” in my blogroll.

Happy Quilting!

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Just wanted to let my “Too Good to Cut” Challenge participants know that I haven’t forgotten about them.  School has been out this week for half-term break, and we have been on holiday.

I’ll be back to sewing on my Challenge quilt next week!

Have fun, everyone, and Happy Quilting!

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I’m back to making half-square triangles this week.  There are so many shades of colour in my focus fabric that I thought it would be nice to have a wider range of colours in my bear paws, as well.  I’m making the Bears in the Farmhouse pattern by Judy Laquidara.

Here are the additional green “claws”:

and more amethyst “claws”:

The focus fabric is the 1997 Hoffman Challenge fabric, called “Kaleidoscope.”

Later on in the pattern, I will also need some larger half-square units, so I have started making those, too, to be sure that I have enough fabric for a nice variety of fabrics in both sets.

As a result, I now have many more HSTs than I will need for one quilt, so I am thinking about making two quilts of the same pattern, at the same time.   I could keep one and give one, or we could have two matching quilts for twin beds in a guest room someday.

I hope that plan is not too ambitious…but if I have the whole year to finish, it might work out fine.

To see how others in our group are progressing, please visit their blogs listed under “Challenge Participants” in the blog roll.

Happy Quilting!

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This week I have been visiting the blogs of the participants in the “Too Good to Cut” Challenge.   This is an awesome group of very talented quilters, and I am so impressed with how organised everyone is, and how busy they have been!  I’m going to have to get really, really busy just to catch up!

Amy’s Passions has been making adorable Quilts4Kids, as well as scrappy log cabin blocks and finishing up a UFO project.  She’s also hosting a Block of the Month quilt-along, including complete patterns for all the blocks.  I love the drawings of quilt designs on graph paper with coloured pencil — still my favourite method, too!

Over at Beth’s Quilty World, she is super-organised with a detailed list of goals for February.   She is also working on a monthly UFO challenge and doing so well with her finishes — three already since the first of the year!  She’s using a gorgeous stack of Moda fat quarters for her “Too Good to Cut” quilt — can’t wait to see those all sewn up!

Our sweet friend Dakota City Quilter has been baking something yummy and sewing on a lovely Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt.  The red and white blocks are very striking and make the pattern stand out in a way I haven’t noticed with that pattern made in other colours.  Beautiful!  She’s using a “Japanese royalty” fabric for her “Too Good to Cut” quilt, and she’s found the most perfect pattern for it.

Katie’s Salt Marsh Path is also very organised, with a list of weekly goals.  She’s been making colourful String blocks and working on a Rail Fence quilt, and her batik fabrics for “Too Good to Cut” are so dreamy.  She also has some nice photos of tile floors that look like quilt blocks.  It’s so much fun to see “quilts” in other materials than just fabric!

Quilting Junkie also has some fabulous batik fabrics lined up for her “Too Good to Cut” project, and she has chosen such a lovely pattern to showcase them.  That is going to be a truly wonderful quilt!  She’s also been doing some serious stash busting!  Can you believe how much fabric she has already used this year?

For bird-watching quilters,  Spinning Star has a link to an eagle cam website and some very cool screen shots of the eagles with their nest.  She’s also working on a fantastic pinky-orange and black batik quilt, and her “Too Good to Cut” quilt is being made from a delicious collection of Cherrywood fabrics.

Well done, everyone!  🙂

Happy Quilting!

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I haven’t worked on my “Too Good to Cut” Challenge project very much this week, so I’ve nothing new to show today.

How is everyone else doing?  Is everyone listed on the “Challenge Participants” blog roll who wishes to be?  If I have missed you by accident, please let me know.

And, one last reminder — if anyone else wants to join us, you still have time!   Just show us your fabric by Sunday, January 31.   Other details are here and here.

To visit other quilters doing this challenge, please click on their links in the “Challenge Participants” category.

Happy Quilting!

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